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Handmade wooden toys, building sets, hobby kits & natural beauty products

Wooden Toys

Our wooden toys are truly beautiful and unique and are a wonderful introduction for you to the magical world of traditional wooden toys. The vast majority of our wooden toys are made from European Beech which is carefully selected and processed without the use of chemicals.

The wood is coloured and polished by means of a special technique which has been developed and improved over the years. This technique is a closely guarded secret and is not used by anybody else.

Using this method results in beautifully bright colours and the paints do not obscure but rather highlight the grain of the wood. The resulting flawless surface is water and scratch resistant, very important characteristics to counteract busy and sometimes mischievous little hands!

The toys are made by gilded craftspeople, some of whom work from their own home workshops. The region of Bohemia, from which the toys originate, is renowned for the manufacture of stained glass and it is these stained-glass painters that are employed to paint our toys and add the finishing touches. Our toys fully comply with all the relevant EU safety regulations. 

The Inspired By Nature wooden toys are just that - wood is one of natures sturdiest and most beautiful materials and these wooden toys embody that strength and beauty, the result being wooden toys that you can pass from one generation to the next.

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